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During our years in business, we have helped hundreds of clients regain the comfort and appearance of their water-affected properties. Therefore, we have seen it all and know how to handle even the most difficult restoration jobs in order save your possessions and eliminate all risks.

Any successful restoration is based on some key steps as follows:

Damage Evaluation
Before we start any restoration procedures, we evaluate the extent of the damage and the materials that were affected during the flood. This gives us a better perspective of what we are supposed to do for a complete and effective restoration. Then, we mark all areas that were in contact with water and even search for hidden pockets behind furniture or under the drywalls. After having this holistic view upon the problem, we are able to design a full and custom plan to rehabilitate your property and save your assets, while also gathering useful information for your insurance claim paperwork.

Whenever we are called for a job, we put your safety first. This is why we begin by isolating all areas that were in contact with water and thus stop any secondary damages from occurring. We also aim at saving as many of your belongings as possible, and therefore we offer you off-site storage for them until your place is safe again and completely dried out.

Cold Water Extraction
If this procedure is performed fast and effective, water doesn’t get a chance to infiltrate too deep and gives us higher chances to perform a full and complete restoration in no time. Moreover, because we are able to step in quick enough, the budget needed for all the repair and reconstruction activities will also decrease significantly.

We are proud to offer our clients only the best and latest solutions in our field. Our drying technology is among them, being a very non-intrusive one that does not need creating extra mess in your already affected location. Using the “in-place drying” method, we are able to remove all moisture using industrial blowers and high-performing air movers and make sure that no water is left behind. If pieces of furniture or carpets or upholstery are left with moisture in them, they are likely to develop mold and turn this disaster into even a bigger one by creating health hazards and pathogenic risks. This is why we always perform a close inspection when finishing this step in our process.

Disaster cleaning
Whenever facing a water disaster, you are also facing what it leaves behind: residues and awful odors. But do not worry! We are here to clean your entire place and leave it smelling wonderful due to our eco-friendly solutions and sprays.

In order to guarantee you an effective restoration, we monitor the way your environment responds to our actions and pay great attention to humidity and air temperature as part of this process.

Insurance Claim
If you chose to hire us as your trusted contractor for any water damage restoration job, we will do more than just take care of your water disaster. We will also handle the entire insurance claim process by discussing directly to your agent and negotiating the maximum coverage for you. You should not be forced to work with a certain insurance company, and with us, you have the liberty to work with whoever you want, because we work with ALL insurance companies. And if this is not enough of good news, we also offer you a $ 500 deductible rebate to use in such cases.

We are known to be the most appreciated water damage company in town! Call us for your disaster and benefit from our top-quality services in no time!