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Property Damage

We work hard and efficiently to save as many of your personal belongings or business assets as possible. In order to do so, we must act fast and step in as soon as possible. We offer you the best response time in the area – less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is call us right away!

Wondering what kind of property damage we restore?

You name it, we can restore it. Anything from hotels, small businesses, convention centers, schools, malls, apartment buildings and many more. We also work with residential homeowners and constantly provide superior service to both commercial and residential property owners.
Whenever you find your home or commercial property underwater, you must call for help at once! If you fail to ask for professional services to stop the property damage due to a leaking washer, a flooded basement or a sewage overflow, from spreading.

24 Hour Restoration Army is only one phone call away and brings to you only top-quality services like:

• Water Extraction
• Advanced Fast-Drying
• Cleanup & Disinfection
• Sewage Removal
• Temporary Off-Site Storage
• Waste Disposal
• Insurance Claim Processing

Tips & Tricks to Stay Safe After Water Damage Emergencies 

1. Turn off the power: Because water has the property of conducting electricity and thus exposes yourself to lethal risks, it is better to turn off the power and not approach the area without wearing special protection equipment. All our staff members that will attend your problem come prepared for such situations.

2. Do not waste time: If time passes, water will only infiltrate deeper and deeper into your floors, drywalls, furniture and carpets, making the restoration process more difficult and more expensive. In addition, such soaked surfaces are great sources for mold and bacteria to grow and develop real health hazards for you and your staff. You can prevent all these by calling us immediately!

3. Claim your insurance: When it comes to expenses regarding your business, it is a must to have everything under control. Thus, filling in an insurance claim is essential. We can handle this process for you as well, by discussing directly with your agent and informing him upon total loss, restoration time and needed budget, while also negotiating the maximum coverage for your business.

4. Determine the cause: If the cause of your current flood is not a natural one, ask our technicians to inform you upon future measures that can be taken in order to prevent such situations from happening again and causing extra damage.

5. Act accordingly: Our technicians are trained according to the latest IICRC rules and regulations. Therefore, we strongly advise you to listen to their opinions and indications regarding your commercial restoration. In some cases, they might ask you to leave some damaged objects behind, as they can be already contaminated. In other cases, on the contrary, they might have to ask you to remove your assets until the place is safe for them. For this situation, they will also provide off-site storage and help you with the transfer.

6. Leave if needed: In all cases, what we value most is your own safety. This is why we even might have to ask you to leave the premises if we consider that your health and safety are in danger.

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